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Office Tenant Representation 

“Having unbiased and dedicated representation helps ensure a company will achieve the best rate and terms along with getting qualitative benefits necessary in any lease today.”

When analyzing occupancy costs and trying to forecast future space needs, it is important to make sure you have a specialized tenant representation team in place.  Having representation can pay huge dividends and level the playing field. 

While a company may occupy space, it does not mean that their core business is real estate.  On the other hand, landlords are in the real estate business.  They have specialized real estate brokers representing their best interests and providing knowledge of the overall market.  A landlord and their broker are constantly working together to leverage their position against tenants.

Exclusive representation provides expertise in the negotiation process along with reducing occupancy costs, increasing profitability, mitigating risk and minimizing contractual obligations.

Tenant Representation Services:
• Corporate Acquisition/Disposition
• Leasing (expansions/renewals/contractions/terminations)
• Market Research
• Financial Analysis
• Space Planning
• Construction

Tenant Representation Background:
• Law Firms
• Accounting Firms
• Financial Services
• Technology
• Insurance
• Education
• Healthcare
• Real Estate

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